Occupancy Department:
The Occupancy Department is responsible for all phases of occupancy from the time the applicant becomes a tenant to the time of vacancy. 

To insure the tenants comply with their lease obligations for the Low Rent, Mutual Help, Tenant Based Assistance, Tax Credit Programs and Maggie Ashley Trailer Park Programs.

The department works closely with individual or agency inquiries providing information regarding program functions and policies. 

Receives requests, complaints, referrals, etc.  and takes appropriate action as needed in accordance with SKHA policies, local and federal regulations.

Ext. 1516
Occupancy Coordinator
Ext. 1546
Lease Compliance Specialist
Ext. 1545

Certification Specialist
Ext. 1535

Occupancy Specialist
Ext. 1541

Low Rent Advocate
Ext. 1549

Security Officer
Animal Control Officer
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Collections Coordinator/Court Liason
Ext. 1518