Finance Department:
The Finance Department is responsible all budgetary planning and control for all programs under management of the Housing Authority. 

They are responsible for operating the Housing Authority in compliance with the Indian Housing Plan and applicable regulations and procedural requirements for HUD funded programs and for insuring all other programs are operated within budget confinements and requirements.

Budgeting, finance, and accounting are the responsibility of this department as well as preparing all reports and preparing for audit.

They are also responsible for recieving customer payments, inventory, purchasing and billing supply items, contracting procurement activities, monitoring pay requests and compliance and closing of contracts.

Ext. 1512
Accounts Payable Specialist
Ext. 1553

Accounts Receivable Technician
Ext. 1522

Procurement Control Specialist
Ext. 1521

Finance Assistant
Ext. 1554
Procurement Officer
Ext. 1520
Inventory Technician
Ext. 1514

Accounts Receivable Technician
Ext. 1524
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Contract C.P.A
Ext. 1510

Grants Accounting Specialist
Ext. 1543